The Best Procedure

A technician connects the power vacuum to the home’s air handler with an 8″ hose. Then he inserts the high-velocity air sweeper into the ductwork. He controls it with a hose connected to the truck’s air compressor which supplies up to 200 pounds of air pressure.

Duct Doctor’s patented vacuum truck is the industry’s most powerful. With the vacuum and cleaning aparatus, all contaminants are removed from the ductwork and stored outside in the truck’s debris collector for safe disposal.

The First Step

When our well-trained technicians arrive at your home, they will swiftly begin removing each vent in your home, clearing them of debris, dust, and allergens that have accumulated on the surface, blocking access.

The Second Step

Our air duct cleaning experts connect the power vacuum to the air handler in your home using an 8” hose. The high-velocity air sweeper is then inserted into your ductwork and controlled by a hose attached to our truck’s air compressor. It can supply up to 200 pounds of air pressure.

The Third Step

With the help of Duct Doctor’s patented vacuum truck, all the contaminants are removed from your ductwork and stored in the truck’s debris collector until it can be disposed of safely.

The Fourth Step

Your ducts are now clean! You and your family can relax and have the peace of mind that you’re breathing clean, healthy air. Duct Doctor’s founder, Dr. Gerald Vanderpool, is a board certified allergist, who is committed to improving indoor air quality by eliminating allergens and other contaminants from homes across the country.

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