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Duct Doctor has been a single-focus Air Duct Cleaner since 1985. Technicians are uniformed and well-trained by NADCA Certified Air System Cleaning Specialists and perform using the source removal procedures to NADA standards.

The power of the diesel-driven vacuum extracts all the debris and contaminants outside the home not provided by portable vacuum units. Most portables have far less vacuum to move air than the home air handler. The main failing of portables is the fact that they pull the debris and contaminants from the supply and return vents into the occupied space. Also, most are not truly HEPA filtered so they do more harm than good.

Once all the debris and contaminants have been dislodged and airborne inside the ductwork by the air-driven agitation devices, the powerful vacuum unit will remove it safely outside the home and into the filter compartment inside our truck. The air exhausted out the top of our truck is cleaner than indoor and outdoor air.



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